Why Charlie Puth Feels Like He Still Has to Prove Himself

John Legend’s sensational 7th album, Bigger Love, has arrived and it sees John working with several of the hottest young songwriters in the biz including Charlie Puth.

And while you might think of Charlie as a more established writer in the industry, that’s not how Charlie sees himself.

“I’ve been doing this for five years and I came onto the scene with people thinking of me as ‘the kid that just sang songs that other people wrote for him,'" he shared with AP. "Believe it or not, I still have that stigma against me. I’m still in the proving-myself phase," he admitted. "I hope to be in a position one day where I can work with even more geniuses like John. I’m getting there, and this is a really great start to it.”

The results of Charlie and John’s collaborative efforts can be heard in funk soul track “I Do" on John’s album Bigger Love out now.

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