How Mark Ronson Is Maintaining His Mental Health While Quarantined

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Super producer Mark Ronson has several platinum plaques hanging on his wall thanks to hits made with the likes of Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars, but there’s something else on his wall he’s found just as valuable while quarantining because it’s helped him stay sane: a chalkboard.

“I made a detailed schedule because I’ve found some days we feel like we don’t have the same things to do so it helps me keep some sort of routine," he posted in a selfie video in partnership with the Child Mind Institute. "Breakfast; meditation; coffee. I’ve found yoga and meditation are really good things to do right now to keep anxiety levels down but you can obviously do whatever you want to do.”

Mark also devotes an hour a day to learning a new skill, including giving a hair cut to his girlfriend, which he says turned out not terrible.

He also stresses this is what works for him and of course everyone needs to figure out what works for them, but his hope is that his tips help somebody.