Tanya Rad Shares Her Vacation Reads + Books You Need for 2020

Hi, Tanya Rad here! I was away on vacation for about 10 days and I was sans makeup, only wore a bikini, and read, well, a lot of things!

I got SO MANY DM's about one book in particular; I posted a lot about it so I wanted to link it here so you all have ...

It’s called “Calling In the One” and it’s been a MAJOR game changer for me because I’ve been working through this workbook daily for a few months now and the journaling and prompts it’s had to me do have been eye-opening.

I highly, highly recommend it. The lessons are short and digestible and I’ve really learned a lot about myself through it. For example, things I want to change; part of my life I look at differently -- it’s been great!!!

Next on my list is “The Four Agreements": This book is SOO good! It’s a quick read and will definitely be one I read again and again as a reminder!!! Such a good perspective shift!!


And finally “Fervent”: This is for all my Christian girls out there! It’s a book on prayer but not just a book about praying -- it’s so much more than that! A girlfriend sent me this book at a time I was feeling low and weakI finally got around to reading it now - and it all makes sense!

I have to say I feel very READY and geared up for a NEW YEAR BABY!!!!!!!


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