Camila Cabello Opens Up About ‘Exposing’ Herself With Raw New Album Romance

“Do you dare to lose yourself in love?” That is the question Camila Cabello teased fans with ahead of the release of her second studio album Romance. The record, Camila told Ryan Seacrest during an interview on Friday, December 6, is the most real and honest expression of her life and relationships fans have yet to hear.

“I think this year I’ve just learned a lot about myself,” Camila, who is performing at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball, shared with Seacrest on the heels of Romance’s release. “And in this album, I just lived a lot. ... Exposing yourself to the world and to love and to relationships and new relationships, ironically, it just leads you back to yourself,” she added. “And I think this album feels really exciting for me because I think that it’s just so me. Everything about it: from the songs I wrote on there, to the title, to the visuals, it’s just so how I am and I’m just happy that my fans are going to get to hear that.”

Tracks include Shawn Mendes collab “Señorita,” sultry “Living Proof,” “Cry For Me,” “Liar,” “Easy” and many, many more which stream as candid as an diary entry. In power anthem ”Should've Said it,” Camila opens up about someone you wanted finally realizing they messed up and coming back around. 

When asked by Seacrest if some songs were so personal Camila debated releasing them, she admitted there are “pros and cons” to everything.

“Writing about your life is amazing because it’s really beautiful and you get to document really important times in your life, but, also, it involves like real people so sometimes you’re like I feel bad putting that on there,” Camila admitted. “[Like], it’s a really good song, but I don’t want this person to hear that song so it’s like all of those [complexities].”

As for if she gives certain exes or people a heads up prior to dropping music, Camila shared “it depends.”

“Sometimes that person is not in your life anymore,” she explained. “So you kind of can’t [inform them].”

Listen back to the full interview in the audio above to find out more and catch Camila’s performance at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball tonight at The Forum. The Grammy-nominated songstress will also be performing at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball in NYC on December 13.

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