I'm Going to 'Laminate' My Brows! Learn All About the New Beauty Move

Today is a big day! Not only is it the day before THANKSGIVING, but I’m getting my eyebrows lifted & LAMINATED!

You may ask, what in the world does it mean to get your eyebrows lifted & laminated?? TBH, I’m not 100% sure myself… but I’ll tell you how I stumbled upon this idea ...

My makeup artist Hailey Hoff (shoutout I love you Hailey) told me about this and said it will really open up my eyes because the hair on my brows grow in a downward direction... 

By getting them lifted and laminated, it is going to open up my eyes in a way I’ve never seen before…

So I’m super PUMPED about this.

Below are a couple before photos so you can get a feel and I’ll definitely report back on my before and after & also exactly what the process is!

What are your current fave beauty trends? Sound off on social @TanyaRad

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