Brendon Urie Actually Recorded A Metal Song And Now You Can Hear A Teaser

Back in December, Brendon Urie surprised us all when he said he wanted to dabble in different musical genres, namely metal.

“I want to do a metal project in particular,” the Panic! At The Disco frontman said in an interview with Rock Sound. “I actually just played something for my bandmates recently — We have an old song called ‘The Calendar’ and I made a metal version of it from years back. It’s like 90 seconds long and is really fun. Who knows, I might even put that out on SoundCloud on a whim sometime soon!”

We're still waiting for him to upload that track on Soundcloud; however, during a recent edition of his daily Twitch livestream, Urie shared a teaser of a new metal song he's been working on now that he finally has some downtime. As the track plays, his commentary is almost as entertaining as the music itself. During the minute-long clip he exclaims that "It should all be a hook!" and "This riff is everything!"

After the song ends, a fan comments that Urie had mentioned he wasn't going to work for the rest of the year. "Dude, that’s not work," he responded. "That’s literally me stoned and drunk in my room sitting in this chair and being like, Oh let’s grab the guitar real quick."

Listen to the teaser below.

Photo: Getty Images

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