Why Haley Reinhart Is Embracing Being an Indie Aritst

American Idol season 10 alum, Haley Reinhart, recently unveiled a new video and single called "Shook" off her recent album Lo-Fi Soul.

Sonically the track is a throwback, but it’s pushing her career into uncharted territory as it’s her first full length as an entirely independent artist.

And while that doesn’t come without its challenges, Haley’s embracing those hurdles.

“Being independent rocks,” she tells Billboard. “I put out exactly what I want, when I want. There’s no compromising or dumbing down my vision when it comes to the music and my aesthetic -- and I own it, too. I’ve enjoyed working with labels in the past, but it feels good to be at that point in my career where I can do it on my own. It’s definitely been more work on the business end and overall, but boy is it worth it.”

You can check out Haley’s new video for “Shook” below:


Photo: Getty Images

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