Is Lady Gaga Working on a New Album?

Lady Gaga only needed eight words on Twitter to shut the door on a big rumor and simultaneously cause fans to freak out.

There was chatter she was secretly pregnant with Bradley Cooper’s love child, even though they’ve both repeatedly said they’re just friends.

But the story just kept circulating and growing, so Gaga felt compelled to tweet: “Rumor’s I’m pregnant? Yeah. I’m pregnant with #LG6”


LG6 is of course acronym for "Lady Gaga Six" a reference to her upcoming sixth album. This tweet is the first indication she has begun work on her follow up to 2016’s Joanne.

Gaga will return to her Enigma residency in Las Vegas in May, so there’s a chance she will have at least some new music to infuse into the show by then.

Photo: Getty Images

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