Does Meghan Trainor's New EP Mean She's Not Releasing a Full Length Album?

Last week, Meghan Trainor announced and released a new EP called The Love Train, which led to rumors she had shelved plans for her full length album, Treat Myself.

But Meghan sat down with Billboard and explained this EP was a last minute decision because she just had too much material.

"My team and I were talking about the album and putting it together, and we had too many songs, but we all loved those songs. We thought, 'We can’t just put these on a shelf or throw them away, we need these songs to live!' They’re so personal to me, they’re exactly how I feel right now — I’m in love and got married and all this stuff. So my manager suggested, 'Why don’t we we try to put them out on Valentine’s Day?'"

"My dad also said there’s way too many love songs on my album, so I tried to split it up," she added with a laugh.

If you’re in the mood for romance, Meghan’s EP The Love Train is out now.


Photo: Getty Images

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