ZAYN Drops Music Video For 'Satisfaction'

Days after word of his repeated break-up with Gigi Hadid took the blogosphere by storm, ZAYN turned his attention back to his music career with the Wednesday (January 9) release of his new music video for "Satisfaction."

In the four-minute clip, which was directed by Bouha Kazmi, the former One Direction bandmate makes a very brief (and we mean brief) cameo as the story follows a doomed romance plagued by the perils of war. With the tender track in the background, the 25-year-old singer puts forth several scenes of love and tragedy to fit with the Malay-produced cut's somber, yet optimistic mood. "Cause I can't, you can't, we can't get no/ Satisfaction/ All in my zone, all in my space/ Life is always in the way," he gentle croons during the chorus.

Loyal followers will also recognize that the introductory note that flashes at the beginning of the scene is taken from "Intermission: Flower," the interlude on his 2016, Mind of Mine. "Until the flower of this love has bloomed this heart won't be at peace," the quote reads at the top of the video. 

"Satisfaction" is one of the 27 new cuts on his 90-minute sophomore effort, Icarus Falls, which dropped in December. Expect to hear this and plenty more at the elusive's singer's upcoming stage show, which he recently teased via Twitter. "I cannot wait to get on stage! Man's got tunes that bang for days," he wrote. 

Photo: YouTube/Zayn