Before Cardi B Was a Rapper She Was a…

posted by Kelly Ballhorn - 

Long before Cardi B became a record-setting rapper she actually was focused on another pursuit, singing.

In fact, she spoke to MTV about her passion for it.

"My grandmother always used to make me sing for her," she says. "She used to be like, 'Oh my gosh, you're going to be such a star.’”

"I went to high school for musical theater and technology. I used to do talent shows. I even have a video of me performing Lady Gaga and everything," the rapper explains. “In my freshman year, I performed Madonna, 'Material Girl.' In 10th grade, I couldn't do the talent show. Junior year I did 'Love Game,' and then senior year I did 'Bad Romance.'"

Cardi’s new album Invasion of Privacy is out now.

Photo: Getty Images


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