Sultry-voiced '90s hip-hop/soul-influenced singer and songwriter Rozzi has officially arrived. The 26-year-old from San Francisco, who first broke out onto the scene after being discovered by Adam Levine, dropped new single "Never Over You” last week and we’ve had it on repeat. 

Rozzi shared with On Air With Ryan Seacrest exclusively that the track, under new label Small Giant/Columbia Records, is exactly what you’d assume it’s about — a relationship that turned into a breakup. 

“I wrote 'Never Over You' when I was in a fight with my boyfriend at the time,” Rozzi shared with OAWRS. “I was at this coffee shop by my house thinking about all the issues in our relationship — all the bulls--t. But what I kept coming back to was, despite all the things I was 'over,’ I was never over him. I took that idea to the studio and wrote the song. Now that we've broken up, the song has taken on a whole new meaning.”

Rozzi now considers the jam a breakup anthem. 

“I wanted it to feel emotional, soulful and personal, but I also wanted it to empower people and inspire them to be as honest with their feelings as I was when I wrote it,” she added, sharing that her musical influences include Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill

“I listened to Chris Stapleton a lot writing this album — I’m dying to collaborate with him one day,” she added. “And Beyoncé, of course. I watch her live videos before all my shows.”

Listen to “Never Over You” above!