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Steven Tyler Battles Through Illness For Aerosmith Show

Tyler proved the show must go on by performing for thousands of fans in Paraguay on Wednesday.

Oct 27, 2011

Steven Tyler overcame a bout of food poisoning and a nasty fall to take to the stage with Aerosmith in Paraguay on Wednesday, just a day after a fall sent him to the hospital.

The rocker was hospitalized in the countrys capital Asuncion on Tuesday after slipping in the shower, knocking out two teeth and suffering cuts to his face.

Tylers reps blamed dehydration, caused by a bout of food poisoning, for his shower collapse and he underwent dental surgery to replace the teeth he lost in the accident.

But he proved the show must go on by performing for thousands of fans in Paraguay on Wednesday - and his bandmate Joe Perry is proud of Tyler for battling back.

In a series of posts on his page, Perry writes, "Paraguays audience is one of the most intense ever they pushed us to play and sing better than I can remember in years.

"Gotta hand it to Steven for playing the show tonight considering how sick (he) was from food poisoning the night before. Hes amazing. Steven even played harp with his busted lip my mind was blown. He put on one of his best shows ever. Aerosmith rocks on."

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