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Stefano Says Yes To Love Just In Time For Valentines Day

The up and coming singer dishes on his top three dream dates

Feb 12, 2013

You may remember Stefano as the smooth singer from American Idols tenth season. Or you may have heard his first single, "Im On A Roll," which featured the New Boyz and Rock Mafia. But youve never heard Stefano like this. On his new single, "Yes To Love," the talented crooner hits notes that will give you goosebumps, and no matter your relationship status, hell have you saying "yes" to love too.

Stefano stopped by the iHeartRadio Headquarters in NYC recently, where he talked about his upcoming album and dished on his idea of three perfect dates - just in time for Valentines Day.

On the new song, "Yes To Love"

"I was really fortunate to work with some of the best producers," Stefano tells iHeartRadio. "One of the producers I got to work with was Rock Mafia. We wrote three or four records, and during the process I heard this song once that had been written about three or four years ago, and no one could sing it. It told a story and I thought, Man, I want to just try this, I want to just try it and see what we could do.

"So, at first Tim [Tim James of Rock Mafia] was like, Aw man, I dont know, this is my baby. I was like, Man, let me sing it. Let me sing it. So I went in and I sang the song, and once I did, it was just like, this is my record. I didnt write it, but everyone either has or wants to go through a love experience or just wants that: wants to say yes to love. I dont know who wouldnt want love."

On the upcoming album, due out in May

"I had an album ready to go out in September, and I only wrote maybe two or three records on that album. I started writing more, and I was giving the label some of the records and they were saying, You can really write music… and youre producing and we want you to keep on going. So we postponed the September [release] and now over 3/4 of the record is all written by me, which is just a huge testament as far as my artistry and what I do and how much the label is really invested in me as an artist and a vocalist. Im very, very excited about that. I want everyone to hear the album right now!"

On his idea of three perfect dates

1. Picnic on the beach

"I went to the Philippines maybe a year and a half ago, and I loved how tropical and beautiful it was," Stefano tells iHeartRadio. "That was the last vacation I was on actually, and I know it sounds cliché, but I can’t wait until I can go somewhere tropical again. Maybe have a little picnic on the beach - somewhere really cultured and beautiful in its own way. I love different cultures, I love really having a partner in crime and just being spontaneous."

2. A night out in New York City

"Oh my god, I love New York," Stefano says. "Every night is crazy. A great date in the city would be nice - I love to wine and dine."

3. Dinner and a movie... at home

"I do like to chill out sometimes, so a nice movie night. I love to cook pasta, of course. You know, raised in an Italian family... Ive got pasta sauce in my blood. I love cooking and just chilling with a couple of movies and relax at home."

Watch the lyric video for "Yes to Love":

Photos by Shelby Case

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