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Shawn Mendes Sings Original Song At Friend's Wedding (VIDEO)

Shawn wrote two longtime friends a wedding song for their first dance as husband and wife!

Jan 10, 2017

Sometimes the best wedding present isn't a new toaster oven or even money -- it's an original song to have your first dance to. Shawn Mendes wrote and performed an original song for two longtime friends of his for their first wedding dance, and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Shawn's song to his newlywed friends is called "Try My Best," and according to Billboard, is based on a love letter that the groom wrote to his now-wife. The 18-year-old singer/songwriter performed the song with just his acoustic guitar as the happy couple danced together for the first time as husband and wife.

In his wedding song, Shawn sings heartfelt lyrics like "Promise to hold you close and be there everyday/I swear I love you more no matter what you say" and "I try my best for you."

BEST. PRESENT. EVER. Not only is this a song special for the bride and groom, but NO ONE will ever have this wedding song as their first dance because it's totally unique to them.

Does anyone have a tissue?! Asking for a friend...

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