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Shakira Releases New Single 'Rabiosa' Featuring Pitbull

Columbian singer and hip-shaker Shakira released “Rabiosa” today, the third single off of her latest album Sale El Sol.

Apr 19, 2011

Columbian singer and hip-shaker Shakira released “Rabiosa” today, the third single off of her latest album Sale El Sol. This English rendition of the originally Spanish language song was produced by Dominican rapper/producer El Cata who was also featured in the first single from the album “Loca.” The song also features Cuban rapper and chart-topper Pitbull.

“Rabiosa” translates literally as meaning “rabid, mad: applied to dogs and other brutes,” yet most commonly is used to describe a ‘viscous female dog.’ We aren’t too sure how that applies directly to the lyrics-but Pitbull seems fitting (we couldn’t resist!).

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