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Paula Abdul Dances Like Theres No Tomorrow on DWTS

The all-star dancer judged the current season of DWTS and returned this week to perform on the results show

Nov 21, 2012

(Yahoo!) - Those of you whove been missing Paula Abdul since she got the pink slip from Simon Cowells "X Factor" earlier this year are no doub tthrilled with the current season of "Dancing With The Stars," which has been giving Paula plenty of screentime lately. Paula, a true dance allstar, recently judged the current allstar season of "DWTS," and this week she returned to perform on Tuesdays "DWTS" results show. And the result was straight-up fun.

Performing a "Dream Medley" mashup of four of her late-80s/early-90s hits ("Forever Your Girl," "Cold-Hearted," "Opposites Attack," and of course "Straight Up"), the artist Simon once semi-affectionately dubbed "Pauler" danced like theres no tomorrow in front of a psychedelic backdrop, while scenes from her famous "Club MTV"-era music videos screened behind her. No, "Straight Ups" Arsenio Hall and "Rush Rushs" Keanu Reeves didnt make two-dimensional cameos...but MC Skat Kat did, which was way cooler.

This was in fact the coolest thing Paula had done on television in years. Why couldnt her failed CBS show "Live To Dance" have been this entertaining?

And by the way...did we mention that Paula is FIFTY YEARS OLD? Clearly when she sang, "Im forever your girl," she meant it literally. She just does not age.

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