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Mariah Carey Releases Patriotic Obama Victory Song 'Bring It On Home'

Mariah Carey shows off her pipes in the new patriotic tune

Nov 7, 2012

Mariah Carey is a mother of two, a wife to funny-guy Nick Cannon, and a new judge on Fox‘s hit show 'American Idol.' After her new official release of her song 'Bring It On Home,' we can also see that Mariah is proud to be an American.

Mariah performed this tune at a fundraiser for President Obama over the summer, and after his win in the election last night producer Jermaine Dupri released a mastered version of the track on

In the patriotic soulful song, Mariah and her larger-than-life voice sing 'every body be prepared to do the best that you can do, because we gon’ win.' Listen to the inspirational anthem 'Bring It On Home' below!

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