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Listen to Britney Spears and - Scream and Shout

The long-awaited collab between the two stars has finally been premiered

Nov 20, 2012

Fresh off his American Music Awards duty, Ryan Seacrest had the honor of premiering “Scream and Shout,” the and Britney Spears collaboration from will’s upcoming album,#willpower

The track begins with Britney unearthing her best faux Madonna British accent, sounding almost unrecognizable. Despite now being a member of a prime-time FOX program, Brit-Brit is not worried that her first contribution to the song features a word Sean Preston and Jayden might not be ready to hear. 

Most importantly, calls back to the iconic phrase, “It’s Britney, b****,” unearthed from 2007′s hazy “Gimme More“ in a much more flattering way than this season’s Glee episode managed to do. The line has become Brit’s stamp of pride—as well as part of her Twitter bio—and creates a playful feel, infusing her featured credit with more personality than poor Justin Bieber was allowed on “You and Me.” Listen below.

*WARNING: Explicit language

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