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Afrojack Remixes Gangnam Style

The producer shared who he is working on remixes for, including the K-pop sensations infectious smash hit

Nov 20, 2012

Last week, Afrojack gave an exclusive, intimate, one-hour set for iHeartRadio, and right before he rocked the house, he clued us in on his next remix. Its the YouTube video and dance that has taken the world by storm. None other than K-pop sensation Psys "Gangnam Style." Afrojack said:

Im going to be the only guy in the whole world, that gets to remix Gangnam style...Its already a huge song, so I want to make sure that the remix is just as huge.

If youre curious to hear what the afrojacked version of Psys smash hit sounds like, youre in luck. Just recently, Afrojack played at the Congress Theater in Chicago where he tested his new creation out on the Chi-Town crowd, and fortunately for us, a fan caught the premiere and uploaded it to YouTube. Those lucky Chicagoans! The Dutch producer/DJ announced to the venue that this was the first time he was playing his new remix: 

Afrojack took to his Twitter this week and said he would be uploading the official preview soon:

Cant wait to hear it! Afrojack also told us that he is in the process of remixing another chart-topping talent. Well give you a hint: Lately hes been locked out of heaven. Thats right! Afrojack revealed that he is a big fan of Bruno Mars new song, and is working on the remix. He told us:

Theres a song I love, something totally different, [by] Bruno Mars called Locked Out of Heaven and that song has been stalking me since the Victorias Secret Fashion Show two weeks ago. And he did the song live, and I was like Wow! That song is sick! And I heard it on the radio Wow! That song is sick! I downloaded it Wow! That song is sick! iPhone, YouTube Wow! That song is sick! So actually I asked my manager to call them and just send over the parts because I just want to remix thats something I started working on.

Afrojack - a Bruno Mars fan, who knew! Well well be keeping an ear out for that one. Only instead of doo-wops & hooligans, we should be getting signature Afrojack bleeps & beats. 

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