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Enrique Plants Kisses, Parties with Pitbull and Sammy Adams

He filled the iHeartRadio Festival with sexy flavor.

Sep 22, 2012

Tonight we were lovin Enrique Iglesias! Dressed in his trademark casual, cool look topped with a baseball cap, he kicked off his performance with "Tonight (Im Lovin You)."

He had the crowd singing his infectious lyrics and ran to each side of the stage showing special fans some extra love.

He kissed a fan on the cheek and shouted, "Its Vegas Baby! Its Saturday night and what happens in Vegas, tonight Im [expletive] you." Enrique surprised the crowd by busting out in the un-edited version of "I Like It."

With high energy, he kept the crowd going with "I Like How It Feels." He pumped up the crowd clapping and spun around dancing to the beat. Fans were hanging on every note as he strutted down the stage into the crowd.

Right after he broke into "Dirty Dancer," he kneeled down on the stage as Usher and Lil Wayne appeared on the massive LED screen. He climbed the rail and got up close and personal with a fan planting a kiss on her cheek.

"I want to thank iHeartRadio for putting on the best festival in the world," Enrique said before he started his new single "Finally Found You" featuring Sammy Adams.

Enrique jumped off the stage and climbed into the crowd as he continued to sing. Fans reached out as they recorded every flavorful moment with their phones and cameras.

Shortly after, Sammy Adams ran out to join Enrique for "Finally Found You" and large balloons stamped with "EI" bounced through the crowd. They finished off the song with a brotherly hug as Enrique gave Sammy a shout out, "This is Sammy Adams, only 25."

Enrique and Pitbull ended the set with "Baby I Like It." Confetti showered the crowd and Enrique gave some final love to a fan kissing both cheeks and lips.

"Muchas gracias Enrique Iglesias," Pitbull said and the two hugged it out.

Enrique lastly shouted, "Give it up for iHeart, give it up for Clear Channel."

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