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Calvin Harris Announces New Upcoming Album '18 Months'

After 3 years, the Scottish DJ/producer announces the name of his upcoming album along with collabs with Kelis Nicky, Ellie Goulding, and Tinie Tempah

Aug 23, 2012

It’s been three years since Scottish DJ/producer Calvin Harris’ last album Ready For the Weekend, and all he’s done since then is produce a whole bunch of smash hits for the likes of Rihanna, Cheryl Cole and (eventually, probably) Ke$ha, as well as establishing his own commercial viability in the States with hits like “Let’s Go” and “Feel So Close.” Throughout that run, though, where Harris was being elevated to that rarefied class of superstar DJ, we knew basically zilch about a new album—long promised, but little heard about.

It looks like the wait is almost over. Harris broke his radio silence about the upcoming third album, due October 29th, on Twitter yesterday:

"My new album is called 18 months + features Kelis Rihanna Example Nicky Romero Ellie Goulding Tinie Tempah Florence Dizzee Rascal Neyo + Ayah"

Well…was that so hard, Calvin?

Now we know about the Rihanna, Kelis and Example collabs already, but the others are fairly tantalizing—especially the Florence one, which NME reports will be fifth 18 Months single (appropriate name, by the way) “Sweet Nothing.” If the two’s previous collaboration is any indication, it should be a jam for certain. We just hope that the surfeit of features doesn’t mean Calvin’s foresaken singing entirely—as he’s long threatened, for some reason.

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