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5 Emotions We Went Through Listening To Andy Grammer's New Song

"Fresh Eyes" dropped today!

Jul 29, 2016

It seems like forever we've been waiting for Andy Grammer's new single, but it's finally out today and we can't contain our excitement!!

Andy has been teasing the title to "Fresh Eyes" on his Instagram page all week. Fans guessed until Andy finally released a clip, which was the biggest tease of all!!!!

So today when finally got to hear the whole song we couldn't help but feel so many emotions listening to Andy's new hit!

The second the song starts, Andy starts singing and doesn't even give us a second to prepare for his amazing voice:

That guitar in the background though:

And then the chorus kicks in... SWOON:

When you really listen to the words and realize Andy is pretty much perfect:

The songs ends and you need to play it again and again and again:

"Fresh Eyes"is available now on iTunes and you can see Andy perform it live on the Today Show Monday August 1st!

Photo: Getty Images

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