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Abandoned Pools

Tommy Walter began his career in 1995 as a founding member of the critically acclaimed band eels. As the first group to sign to Dreamworks Records, the band toured the world in support of their release Beautiful Freak and the alternative rock hit ‘Novocaine For The Soul’. At last count, the album has sold well over a million copies worldwide. In 2001, Tommy released the album 'Humanistic' on Extasy/Warner Brothers under the monicker Abandoned Pools and followed that up in 2005 with 'Armed to the Teeth' on Universal. He teamed up with singer/songwriter Ross Golan to form Glacier Hiking in 2006 and formed Oliver The Penguin with singer/songwriter Rie Sinclair in 2007. Over the years, Tommy has mixed and produced various projects and has recently been active writing for television.

About Abandoned Pools:

On Humanistic, the 2001 debut, it referred to his leaving behind a seemingly carefree upbringing in the L.A. suburb of Westlake Village to pursue a career in rock, after studying French horn, theory & composition and film scoring at USC and then the University of the Pacific. That dream had its roots in Walter's childhood love of pop and rock music, beginning with the Star Wars soundtrack and Prince, then growing to include '80s U. K. new wave bands, indie guitar rock and cutting-edge electronics, all of them apparent on Humanistic as well as his Universal Records album, Armed to the Teeth.

That first album went on to sell over 100k, thanks to the Modern Rock hit, "The Remedy" and tours with the likes of Remy Zero, Garbage, Lenny Kravitz, Billy Corgan and A Perfect Circle. 

Produced by Tommy and Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Interpol, Clinic, Erasure) and mixed by Ken Andrews (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Failure, Year of the Rabbit), Armed to the Teeth once again showcases Walter's ability to combine the macro and the micro, contrasting despair with world situations and personal affairs. 

A third Abandoned Pools album is currently in production. 

About Oliver The Penguin:
OTP started as an unexpected collaboration between Tommy Walter and Rie Sinclair (Emmy-Nominated independent composer and Artist) while writing a theme song for a TV show. As a result, the two conceptualized a side project, which morphed into something eerily prolific. 
Oliver began to morph into a wider concept, as collected samples of the two’s own personal childhood stories became more relevant to the character and music they were creating.  Reminiscent of The Postal Service, Frou Frou, & The Bird And The Bee, OTP appeals to a wide range of listeners including an alternative young audience with their underground vibe, soothing melodic tones, and playfulness. 

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